Controls MST 03 for DC-Motors

The electronic controller MST 03, in conjunction with a adjustable Auto transformer and a DC motor, enables the control of a sinusoidal alternating voltage. The control unit can be referred to as:

  • AC voltage regulator
  • With internal control
  • With external control
  • AC-DC Holder
  • With internal setpoint specification
  • External setpoint indication

The controller is designed as a linear feedback element whose input is designed for a control signal of 0 ... 20 mA (0 ... 10 V DC). Its feedback signal is the voltage derived from the output voltage of the setting transformer and its output is the power signal for the DC motor which is mechanically coupled to the grinder of a setting transformer.


Housing for MST 03

As an additional accessory, we offer the installation and connection box suitable for the MST 03. The box provides protection and ensures sufficient ventilation for the electronics. In addition, you can simply mount the box on a DIN rail (click on it) and connect it electrically via the connecting strips. A simple and fast installation is thus guaranteed.

General Technical Data MST 03

 Current voltage
 0...330 V AC control accuracy
based on the control range and value  ± 1,0 %
Nominal Input voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz -60 Hz
 Input voltage range 100...260 V AC
 Power consumption approx. 20 VA
 Set point 0...10V DC, Ri > 50 kOhm
 Reference signal 0...5 V DC or 0... 10 C DC
   maximum 5mA
   ripple maximum 280 mV  
Interface RS 232
  Documenttation with Windows Hyperterminal
Output for DC-Motor Motors up to 24V/ 50 VA
Operating temperature +5 ° C bis +45 °C
Storage temperature -25 ° C bis +80 °C
Protection degree IP 00 or IP 20
Dimensions (BxHxD)mm 132x240x72
Mass kg 1,6
Install Snap in for top-hat rail
Approbation CE