Auto Transformers with Motor Drive

Our motorized auto transformers offer an interface through their drive, which allows the use the auto transformers   in laboratory, industrial and power plants. [Nbsp] Precise control   for the loss-free, continuous setting of mains connected alternating voltages is thereby made possible. Corresponding controllers can also be found in our program under the heading "Motor control". The control can be effected by means of buttons or system parameters. These systems can be integrated directly into the industrial plants.With an   motor drive, an assembly is available to the user,   which provides an optimum setting or regulation of currents and voltages at the lowest losses and therefore low heat generation.The same for three-phase current can be achieved by mechanical couplings of three control transformers.The design of the current collector ensures a secure contact and by the actuation of the current collector an independent cleaning of the contact track.

General Technical Data

Design according to VDE 0552 / EN 61558-2-14
Drive Technology:
Motor Drive 24V/12VDC oder 230C AC
Actuating Time:
Operation Mode:
Safty Class: 0
Protection Class: IP00
Isolation Class: B
Ambient Temperature: max. +45°C
Mounting: 4-Point Flange or Centerr/ Axial Mounting
Connection Type: Screw or Solder Connection
Test Voltage Winding-Shaft: 4kV
Rotation Angel: approx. 320°
Frequenzy: 50 / 60 Hz
Conformity: CE, RoHS

Short List Auto Transformer by Current

         1. Chose input and output voltage

         2. Chose needed current via separation

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Input voltage 230 V; output 0 bis 230 V/ 250V
Type Output current A
by 230 V output voltage
Output current A
by 250 V output voltage
ESS 9020 M/DC
2,5 2
ESS 9032 M/DC
3,15 3,5
ESS 9040 M/DC
4,5 4,15
ESS 9063 M/DC
7 6,3
ESS 9080 M/DC
9 8
ESS 9100 M/DC
11,5 10
ESS 9180 20 18
ESS 9200 M/DC
23 20
ESS 9250 M/DC
28 25
ESS 9340 M/DC
37 34
ESS 9380 M/DC
42 38
ESS 9480 M/DC
53 48
ESS 9570 M/DC
62 57
ESS 9720 M/DC
80 72
ESS 502 M/DC 2 2
ESS 9010 M/DC
1 -
ESS 9013 M/DC
1,25 -
Input voltage 230 V; output 0 up to 270 V
Typ Ausgangsstrom A
bei 250 V Ausgangsspannung
Ausgangsstrom A
bei 270 V Ausgangsspannung
ESS 602 M/DC 1,86 1,86