Turoidal Isolating Transformers RKT


  • Compact design, up to 50% less volume compared to prismatic transformers
  • Low magnetic field, approximately 1: 8 compared to conventional transformers
  • Optimum efficiency due to extremely low iron losses
  • No transformer rupture
  • Good temperature behavior due to homogeneous distribution of the windings. The average temperature increase is 40 - 50 Kelvin (used insulating material of temperature class E corresponds to 120°C).
  • Easy montage
  • Use for medical application according to DIN EN 60601
  • Use in the laboratory or industrial environment according to DIN EN 61558
  • W for Watch - Throughput monitoring
  • G 4-fold IEC socket
  • L 1-fold IEC socket

General Technical Data

Protection degree IP 00
Isolating class B
Maximum ambient temperature +45°C
Test voltage shaft - winding 4 kV
Frequenzy 50/60 Hz
Nominal input voltage 230
Altitude 1000 m
Aprobation CE, RoHs, EAC