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19 inch Design

Power Supply 19 inch

For installation in your electrical cabinet, power supply in 19 inch housing.

  • Clear Sinus
  • Long Live Time
  • High Efficent



Welcome to the Thalheimer Transformatorenwerke! You need a controllable power supply, high-voltage measuring devices   or individual support for the   design and planning of your projects in the field of switch cabinet construction? Then you are exactly right here! Benefit from the extensive range and experience of approximately 5700 components and 900 devices.


Our core business are regulating transformers with high quality. It is characterized by an Long life time and a low maintenance use. The range ranges from 1.2A up to 300A, 500V. The transformers are designed for hard industrial applications as well as for medical technology. With tailor-made solutions, our engineers are at your disposal.

Power Supplies

Whether in the laboratory or in hard industrial applications, we have the appropriate power supply for all areas. Choose from our range or be advised, as customer-specific devices are our daily Business.

High Voltage Testers

Robust, high voltage test equipment that defy the hard laboratory and industrial day as well as very individual high voltage test equipment solutions. We are fully aligned to your requirements in order to adapt the solutions according to your industrial facilities.


Do you have Network fluctuations that need to be balanced? No problem, with our stabilizers you get stable networks and secure your plants.

Kathodic Protective Rectifiers

Corrosion protection by the application of small currents. Our devices are remote controlled and controllable. The devices themselves are able to react independently to influences from outside, such as changes in the soil, and to compensate for the influences.

Custom Made Devise

In all our areas, we also offer you as well as your equipment or devices according to your requirements. Benefit from our years of experience.

  • Electronical Equipment
  • Accessories Transformer and Equipment
  • Switch Limiters

Choose from a variety of components or modules from the starting current limiter to the motor control units for AC, DC or Step motors. These assemblies you get for montage on top-hat rail . These electronic assemblies have been and are being developed and built in our company. This means that you have direct influence on functionality and the possibility to adapt these modules to your requirements.

You will find a large selection of transformers and chokes in our house. In addition, we will be glad to advise you in order to find the most suitable product for you.

We manufacture individual switch cabinets for you. You can rely on our custom-made work or assembly. Take advantage of our manufacturing facilities. Large switch cabinets are also possible as well as small individual solutions. Our engineers will be competently assist you.