Application Inrush Limiters Series TEB

The inrush current limiters type TEB 02 / S and TEB 03 / S are built-in devices and have to be connected to the components (for example, transformers) which are subject to increased inrush current. Both types are voltage-controlled. As soon as voltage is applied to this arrangement, the limiting operation is terminated. After switching off the voltage, they are again ready for limiting. The mode of operation is based on a time-delayed bridging of a limiting resistor (NTC), which leads to the load current for about 40-100ms, thus limiting the load current. NTC resistors require a cooling phase due to their characteristic heating, so that between two limiting operations should be at least 2 minutes.


  •     When installing transformers
  •     Motorized gear units

 Choose the right inrush current limiter from a wide range. Optionally the assembly is carried out with

  •      Screw
  •     DIN rail

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